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True to our colors

We believe our work is our reward… earning a good living from doing it helps us do more.

We believe in doing good work that is both meaningful and fulfilling for us as a company and as individuals.

We know that our greatest asset is our people and that we must work hard to live up to that belief in our daily words and actions.

We are realistic and practical, but we have big dreams.  While we are always looking for bigger challenges and different, better ways of achieving our goals, we have our feet firmly planted on the ground where we can make a difference.

We realize that we must earn a reasonable return on our investment to sustain and grow our business, and we are driven primarily by the creation of goodwill among our constituents, not by the creation of wealth.

We believe in giving back of our time and energy to the places where we live and work.

Our work must always be the best that we can produce together.

Our products and services must all be of the highest quality and from those sources that can produce a positive and lasting impact on the environment or the least adverse impact (when this is unavoidable), not the least short-term cost.

As a company, we believe in ethical business practices as the only way to be truly successful.  We will maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct in everything we do, complying with the laws and regulations that apply to our work, always striving to exceed the minimum standards to the extent possible.

We like to work with suppliers and partners who share our values.