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  Welcome Note

Welcome and many thanks for visiting DEWS.

As you browse our Website, we hope you will find products and services of interest to you, which will prompt you to interact with us today and come back often.

Here are some highlights of our ongoing activities and the products or services we offer:

  • High-quality bottle-free drinking water dispensers from PHSI (U.S.A.), as well as other eco-friendly water purification products and services for residential and commercial use.

  • Advanced R.O. (reverse osmosis) seawater treatment and packaged sewage treatment systems from H2O Inc. (U.S.A.), for sale or rent in commercial and industrial applications, particularly for the offshore oil & gas industry.

  • Patented Biomechanical eco-friendly oily water separation technology from EnSolve Biosystems (U.S.A.), meeting the highest international standards in marine, offshore, and terrestrial applications.

  • Leading wastewater reclamation technology from WRI (U.S.A.), for industrial, commercial, residential use, including laundry water recycling and re-use, municipal wastewater treatment, marine applications, and numerous other industries.

  • Award-winning glass bottles for drinking water from Retap (Denmark) of the highest quality, complementing our dispenser product range and designed to make you “rethink tap water” and reconsider using disposable or refillable plastic bottles.

  • Solar power for specialized or innovative applications, relating to water treatment in particular

In our Renewable Resources page, one of my personal favorites, you will find lots of useful information, charts and data, relevant articles, and the like. Please feel free to read and use the reports and data or share them as needed (while observing any relevant copyrights).

In closing, I would like to thank you again for visiting DEWS today and hope you will visit more frequently and send us your ideas, comments, or suggestions, on anything that you care to share.

Bassem P. Fakhry

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