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Dynamic Energy & Water Solutions has been formally appointed as exclusive regional representative/distributor by the following manufacturers:

  • EnSolve Biosystems Inc., with headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina (U.S.A.), manufactures state-of-the-art, economical and environmentally-friendly Oil-Water Separators (OWS) for the maritime industry employing its patented bio-technology. 
  • EnSolve’s unique bio-mechanical PetroLiminator® OWS is a fully-automated, cost-effective Bilge Water Treatment system that uses Green biological treatment to provide clean-water levels that exceed all international standards and regulations for discharge from marine vessels.
  • EnSolve also offers a range of related services in the Oil-Water separation field, including port-side oil remediation systems, engineered solutions and maintenance for its equipment, as well as safe and natural degreasing/oil-spill cleaning products utilizing the same patented bio-treatment technology.
  • DEWS represents EnSolve Biosystems in the GCC countries.
  • For more information, please visit the EnSolve Website at: www.ensolve.com
  • Click here to read an article from BC Shipping News magazine, featuring PetroLiminator OWS by Dr. Jason A. Caplan.
  • H2O Inc., with headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana (U.S.A.), manufactures a wide range of high-quality Reverse-Osmosis (R.O.) water treatment equipment (Watermakers) for the offshore Oil & Gas industry, marine vessels, and land-based applications.
  • H2O Inc. also provides a range of services in the water treatment field, including Water Safety system engineering and design, procedures and training, plant maintenance services and spare parts for all equipment brands, as well as rental R.O. and hydro-blasting equipment.
  • H2O Inc. also manufactures modular, compact R.O. units under the BlueCube brand, ideally suited for marine vessels and other applications where space and weight are constrained.
  • DEWS represents H2O Inc. in the Middle East & North Africa.
  • For more information, please visit the H2O / BlueCube Websites at: www.watermaker.com  &  www.bluecubewatermakers.com